Cieszyńskie Zakłady Kartoniarskie

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SINCE 1922

Cieszyńskie Zakłady Kartoniarskie (Cieszyn Cardboard Works) were called into being in 1922. They were established by two businessmen, Rosenzweig and Rindl, in response to a demand from local wafer company of the Schramk Brothers for packing. The company was given name RORI, which arose from surnames of the owners and began producing of packaging for wafers as well as cardboard suitcases, which later turned out to be very profitable. The products proved to sell so well that the owners decided to admit another partner - Józef Serog - a Vienna engineer and building contractor. From the very beginning Serog dominated the company. He became its managing director, and soon, having purchased the remaining shares, the sole owner. Serog as a capable manager could take advantage of growing market demand for modern cardboard packaging, which contributed to a rapid development of the company. Initially the company employed 23 people, which was soon almost doubled to 50 and in 1932 reached level of 360. From the beginning the factory was equipped with modern machinery such as: board cutters, sheet cutters, cardboard bending machines etc. In 1926 the production of cardboard suitcases was abandoned, the range of produced packaging widened and volume of batches increased.

Introduction of lithographic machines and opening of a printing department were other important changes. They provided the company with a competitive advantage. The ability for manufacturing of complex, printed packaging made RORI the European branch leader. RORI specialised in manufacturing of packaging for the cosmetic industry with both domestic and foreign customers. The famous COTY company became the most important customer. It found the face powder packaging so attractive as to open a branch in Warsaw where the powder, which was brought in bags, was packed. In 1932 a modern machine for manufacturing of lidded boxes for tobacco industry was installed in the factory. Since then the packaging for Polish tobacco monopoly was a part of the company output. The boxes were used for packing of famous cigar brands such as “Belweder” and “Excelsiores” as well as for pre-war cigarettes.

During the war the company continued to produce similar packaging selling it mainly to customers in Western Europe. In 1945 the company started production just two days after the liberation of Cieszyn. Pre-war assortment was continued. Among others, boxes for medical ointments, tobacco packaging, labels, tickets and paper folders were produced. In the same time the company name was changed into Cieszyńskie Zakłady Kartoniarskie. Between 1950 and 1965 most of the factory output contained plastic packaging for medicines and cardboard boxes with plastic film. The construction of new plant was started in 1964 and finished in 1967. The factory was equipped with modern WUPA cutting machines and SOLNA multicolour offset presses. Coating and nitro-cellulose lacquering machines were also installed. These machines allowed the company to specialise in production of coated cardboard, folded packaging with multicolour printing. Renowned Polish confectionery companies, such as Wedel (22-go Lipca), Olza, Hanka or Goplana became the customers of Cieszyńskie Zakłady Kartoniarskie. They used Cieszyn packaging for products they exported. Between 1987 and 1990 the factory was being prepared for the production of new packaging by purchasing of a mulicolour printing machine and die shearing machines. In 1992 the company was sold by the Treasury of State to a private owner. At present Cieszyńskie Zakłady Kartoniarskie are completely in private hands. Since 1992 the company has been developing rapidly. Over recent years new computer graphics studio was provided as well as modern printing, die shearing and glueing machines which allowed manufacturing of highest quality packaging that compete successfully with domestic and European manufactured packag

Cieszyńskie Zakłady Kartoniarskie SA • ul. Frysztacka 23, 43-400 Cieszyn
tel. +48 (0) 338 523 145, 338 523 156 • tel./fax +48 (0) 338 521 246 •

Initial capital 500.400 zł • Paid-up capital 500.400 zł
The company is registred in the Companies Register of the National Court Register
by District Court of Bielsko-Biała VIII Commercial Department, as number KRS 0000033795