Cieszyńskie Zakłady Kartoniarskie

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The Products

We are accustomed to repeat in Cieszyn, that we are able “to pack everything in cardboard”. Actually not only in cardboard, as we utilize as well the non-absorptive materials, which are printable in the UV technology.

For all the years of our market presence, we have produced packaging in various colour and construction options. However market development forces changes and requires more and more sophisticated packaging – we are not afraid of the challenges and we are willing to fulfill the requests of our customers. With hotstamping, embossing and other techniques utilized in our printing room we are successfully serving the premium market segment. We are manufacturing the most noble packaging for the most demanding partners.

The Customers

We pack everything in cardboard” for the customers from many industries, such as: food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household care and other. The specific features of the market, which demand product range development along with diminishing the production series, result in constant upgrades in our machine outfit. Those upgrades significantly extend the flexibility level of our operations. Far-reaching flexibility and willingness to start short and middle size production series, have always been the key success factors in the competition struggle of our company. To cut the long story short: CZK offers “tailored” services for the vast circle of partners.

The Markets

Technological development is reflected in broadening of our product portfolio. With new constructions and ideas, we continually reach customers from different industries. Apart from long tradition of manufacturing folding boxes for the Polish customers, we have been delivering our products for partners from: Germany, Austria, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and finally the United States of America. The international sales value growth in the recent years has been caused by the stronger involvement on the foreign markets.

We consider that growth confirms not only the high quality standards and competitive prices offered by our company. We believe our foreign partners appreciate as well the service level and the flexibility degree, which have been offered permanently for more than 80 years on all of the markets.

Cieszyńskie Zakłady Kartoniarskie SA • ul. Frysztacka 23, 43-400 Cieszyn
tel. +48 (0) 338 523 145, 338 523 156 • tel./fax +48 (0) 338 521 246 •

Initial capital 500.400 zł • Paid-up capital 500.400 zł
The company is registred in the Companies Register of the National Court Register
by District Court of Bielsko-Biała VIII Commercial Department, as number KRS 0000033795